This API is deprecated.

We have launched a new version of Batchbook and it has its own API which can be found here.

Please do not develop new integrations agains this API! We are leaving it this documentation in place soley as a reference for developers supporting existing integrations with “Batchbook Classic.”

BatchBook API


Everything in BatchBook is a type of Record. To help facilitate searching, we've exposed a generic record search. There is also a SHOW action for Record which will give you generic information about the record. Then you can use the appropriate search for that Record Type to find the rest of the information.

Note: Each of these requests requires that you authenticate with a BatchBook account. This requires an account name and an API token. For more information on authentication, visit the API homepage.



GET /service/records/#{id}.xml
If for some reason you have a record id but don't know the type, you can now search all Records by id. The record type is returned as the display type. [Individual, Company, To-Do, Deal, Communication] Note: The api service classes will be returned in the future.


      Status: 200

        <id type="integer">69023</id>
        <display_name>Re: API Questions</display_name>

List By Search Term

GET /service/records.xml
Returns a collection of records that match the query passed in through the url. Note: The search query options are mutually exclusive and can not be used together.


Option Default Comment
qtext None Search for all records that match the text string. Can not be used with deleted_since.
deleted_since None Returns a list of all records that have been deleted since the time passed in. Example 'Jul 01 13:37:38 UTC 2010'. Can not be used with qtext. Very useful if you are maintaining a copy of your data on your servers. This is the only way to find records that have been deleted.


      Status: 200

      <records type="array">
          <id type="integer">64817</id>
          <display_name>Eric Krause</display_name>
          <id type="integer">14769</id>
          <display_name>Eric's House of Donuts</display_name>